Friday, April 1, 2011

Wolf... Wolf... Wolf..

Well it was only a matter of time... 26-ish years... when someone re-made... or re-imagined... Teen Wolf... not much imagination if you're re-making something that's been done before but I digress... Looks to me MTV is taking the "Twilight" meets "Cursed" route on this one - not the lighthearted romp one would expect with Michael J. Fox or his cousin Jason Bateman (Teen Wolf 2) as source material - but who am I to judge? It's from the same outlet that produces "Jersey Shore" so I guess we should thank our full moons that Teen Wolf isn't an over-tan, too-drunk and extremely-stupid moron living in a beach house with others of his pack.
Do you like ???
Howl once for YES. Howl Twice for NO.

Just in case you lorn for some gool ol' "Street Surfin'"... the Original Trailer

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