Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prayers,Vitamins....Frutty Pebbels ????

Hulk Hogan former/current pro wrestler has had his problems lately; he went through a nasty divorce, his son did time in jail of paralyzing a friend in a street racing incident, his daughters "career" as a singer/actress/model/nobody is going nowhere, he had a reality show (which is the beginning to all bad things that happen to celebs).
Now "the Hulkster" is mad - BROTHER - at the Flintstones? H.H. is suing Post, the maker of Cocoa Pebbles, after noticing that the villain in a recent commercial bears a striking resemblance to his own iconic persona. The commercial stars the sugary cereal's animated mascots from "The Flintstones" going up against said competitor, which the lawsuit says goes by the name of "Hulk Boulder." According to a Tampa Tribune report, Hogan contends he used the name "Hulk Boulder" early in his career before wrestling promoter Vince McMahon decided he should have an Irish name. (A visit to Hogan's Wikipedia page revealed one of his early nom de brawls as having been "Terry Boulder", but there's no mention of a "Hulk Boulder".)

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