Thursday, May 27, 2010


That's the phonetic spelling of a baby crying and also the sound of former Playboy Playmate/Hugh Heffner paramour Kendra Wilkinson whining. If you do not know of whom I type, she's the REALLY REALLY dumb one with the most annoying laugh in the history of annoying laughs. Back to the business at hand... Why is Kendra sad ? She just got married to an NFL player (Hank Basket - he fumbled the off-side kickoff in the Superbowl last year), had a baby and has her own reality TV show on the "E" network - life's good, right? Well it seems when she was young (and possibly even dumber than she is today - if that's at all possible) Kendra shot some home-video footage of her and her boyfriend at the time knockin ' boots. Well fast forward 10 years later and Vivid Video is releasing "Kendra EXXXposed". The former boyfriend got $100k for his collection. But Kendra's not happy QUOTE, "IT BREAKS MY HEART [TO HAVE A VIDEO ONLINE AND ON SALE]. HOW CAN YOU DO THAT WHEN I HAVE A BABY? I HAVE A KID. I HAVE A HUSBAND. IT JUST SUCKS. IT'S THE HARDEST THING TO DEAL WITH RIGHT NOW, AND IT'S HARD ON [MY HUSBAND]. I MEAN, IT INVOLVES ME BEING SEXUAL WITH ANOTHER MAN"
Now, consider Kendra herself was "shopping" this footage just a few years ago. But now Kendra or "KenDUH" as I like to call her is outraged and embarrassed that it's hitting video shelves and hard drives.... SHE SAYS, "IT BOTHERS ME THAT PEOPLE ARE GOING TO JUDGE ME AND STUFF. I JUST HOPE TO GOD NOBODY LOOKS AT ME LIKE A PORN STAR OR SOMETHING. I REALLY HOPE THEY DON'T PRESS 'PLAY' SINCE THAT'S NOT ME. I MEAN, THAT WAS ME, BUT THAT'S NOT ME NOW" Eloquent as always Kendra. "Don't Press Play"? Really??
O.K. Let's make a deal. I won't press play if YOU promise not to cash that $680-THOUSAND DOLLAR check Vivid just cut you. Better yet... donate all of it to charity. How about that?
You're an idiot Kendra!!!
Your "career" is based on you being a sex symbol, a dumb blonde who took her clothes off, took 1000's of pictures and slept with an 80 year old man for fame and fortune. And NOW you're outraged and complaining about a sex tape being released??
Do everyone a favor Ken-DUH... Cash the check and just shut up and go away. Oh, and please stop at one child while you're at it - the gene pool is at the breaking point already. Ugh!

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