Friday, February 5, 2010

The BIG (drinking) GAME


Super Bowl Sunday has become a national holiday that celebrates excess - lots of junk food, lots of booze.

Speaking of booze, here are some drinking games to pass the time:

  • Drink at every Archie Manning sighting.
  • Drink at every suggestion of Peyton Manning being "the best ever."
  • Drink every time they play "When The Saints Go Marching In."
  • Drink every-time a high-paid sideline reporter states the obvious like, "They did not want to turn the ball over" or "They did not want to give up a big play."
  • Drink at the appearance of any talking animal, alien or Kardashian.
  • Drink at every "they are the best ever mention of Manning or Favre."
  • Drink at every John Madden sighting.
  • Drink at every dumb zebra call. Drink double if it's a roughing the Passing Princess call.
  • MANY MANY MORE at Source:

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