Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He A Rocket Man.....

He's a Rocket Man....Rocket Man ....burning on a sled in his backyard.
Apologizes to Sir Elton John for that.
Another in a long line of Darwin Award Winning stories of gasoline and gunpowder fueled tragedy.
A 62 year old Independence Township (OHIO) man was taken to the emergency room after the "rocket pack" he rigged to power him on a sled jump (drum roll) misfired!
Was this a scientifically-constructed rocket pack? No. It was an automotive muffler of which he filled with gasoline and... GUNPOWDER trying to get a, "rocket-launch type effect" - his words.
Well the only place it propelled him was into the Emergency Room/Burn Unit and scratched about 18% of his skin from his launch pad. won't believe this... police believe he was drinking alcohol before he attempted to jump the snake river or whatever as a part of his Annual Sledding/Burning Party he holds in his back yard.
The man's name was not released - but the orange sled, motorcycle helmet he was wearing and the remains of the muffler were taken as evidence.
No confirmed word yet... but rumor is that next year's theme will be skin-graft night.

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